Major Gifts

The real value of a direct marketing fundraising program …

… is the growing donor base it produces and the opportunities that abound within the file. 

Many of your annual donors represent high-net-worth households.  Through RTD’s well-constructed strategy, you can begin to identify them and move them into leadership and major donor status.  In addition, those low dollar loyal donors represent your best source of bequest gifts, and it is important to treat your loyal donors like royalty!

The RTD major donor pipeline approach can:

  1. Help you identify high dollar donor cohorts
  2. Align yourself with their interests using RTD’s “secret sauce”
  3. Prepare candidates to step up into major donor pipeline
  4. View their connections through our proprietary Relationship Map (easy and fun)
  5. Undertake a structured prospect discovery process
  6. Manage donor engagement through our Donor Relationship Management System
  7. Establish, track and measure a donor stewardship strategy


Cases for Support…we will “right” them for you

So why should I support you?  Why does your organization merit a gift more so than the other million plus charities registered in the United States?  And why now? These are questions that any advancement professional should be able to answer effortlessly and convincingly about their nonprofit organization.  An organization’s case for support should concisely and compellingly document this information.  The important word here is should.  As fundraising consultants, we often speak with nonprofits that “sort of” have a case, or seem to improvise their funding pitch based on whatever fire they are currently trying to extinguish.  Are you “sort of” guilty of this as well?

Rising Tide Direct offers this service to all nonprofits even if we are not engaged as your consultants.  See our GivingTake blog post of Case Statements.