What Keeps YOU Up at Night?

A good way to start of the new year is to revisit and share an eye-opening survey we conducted last summer for our session “What Keeps YOU Up at Night?” that we presented at the DMA Non-Profit Federation’s Summer 2014 Conference in Manhattan.

We surveyed several thousand e-correspondents posing a few dozen potential problems

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Acquisition Investment Pays Off

Investment in acquisition mail, to acquire new donors often pays off in 200 – 400% return on investment in a few short years.

Converting Event Donors to Mail Donors

The way I see it, there will be two kinds of guests there: those who are already giving through the mail and those who just haven’t started yet!

Test Test Test

Testing is so essential to a strong direct mail program, but before we embark on any test, we ask ourselves three questions, and you should, too.

“Question Number one: Does the test fit my goals?” A test should always advance your underlying program objectives. Don’t test for testing’s sake — make sure that the outcome

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Let's Test It

A properly conducted test is the most prudent way to evolve program performance … and when a client is thinking about making a change that could affect direct mail performance — possibly for the worse — our 3 magic words are “Let’s test it”

Talk to Your Donors

Paper is good, but talking is better. Gift officers need to call their donors, thank them for giving and ask them why they give. I like to say that “talk is cheap” — and in this case, that’s a good thing! It’s such a small investment of the organization’s time and money … and the

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Donor Preferences

When a donor writes or calls or checks off a box with a preference — like “don’t mail me so much” or “send me the newsletter by email” or “call me when you need volunteer help” — we make sure there’s a spot on the donor’s record to flag that request.